Let’s Talk Straps

Many elastomeric respirators use complicated, bulky harness systems (straps) to fit a user’s face. These harness systems are touted by the manufacturers as a technological achievement – but the truth is that they’re needed to overcome the poor design of the respirator. They also make the respirator hard to use, block user vision, interfere with other equipment, are hard to clean, and have the potential to loosen during wear without warning to the user, which could compromise protection.

elastomaskpro forever fit straps | elastomeric PPE

Why don’t we just build a better respirator? That’s what we did with the ElastoMaskPro – an elastomeric respirator designed with a low profile and self-adjusting straps to eliminate problems with bulky harness systems. The ElastoMaskPro straps provide a consistent fit even after 200,000 stretches. We combine our Forever FitTM technology with a supple and flexible facepiece that easily conforms to users’ faces to create a unique solution for respiratory protection.

If you build a better respirator, you can eliminate the need for bulky, complicated straps. For the first time in over a half-century, real innovation has been applied to respiratory protection that eliminates antiquated harness systems to build a smarter device. Watch how easy it is to don the ElastoMaskPro.

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