ElastoMaskPro Review – The Most Breathable N95 Reusable Respirator?

Ethan Brooke, Breathe Safe Air
August 9, 2022

ElastoMaskPro is a half-face respirator that fits into a niche of its own. Although in the same device class, ElastoMaskPro isn’t trying to compete with the 3M 6000 series, GVS Elipse, or MSA Advantage 290. All of these devices offer filter cartridges up to P100, making them ideal for industrial uses.

ElastoMaskPro took a different approach. Rather than aiming for a higher level of filtration, the team at Reusable Respirators focused on making a respirator that is exceptionally breathable – something that can be worn by medical staff for hours on end without causing discomfort.

Ethan Brooke wearing the ElastoMaskPro | The Reusable N95 Elastomeric Respirator

Since increasing filtration almost always leads to a decrease in breathability, I believe that going with N95 approval was a decision to balance comfort and protection. In this matter, I can say that the ElastoMaskPro succeeds. I’ve never worn a half-face respirator this breathable.

Anyone needing to wear a respirator for hours on end should consider ElastoMaskPro. Unlike the vast majority of devices on the market, this device is designed to be comfortable. It’s one of only a few half-face respirators to follow Project B.R.E.A.T.H.E, and the comfort of the respirator is instantly noticeable – especially when compared side by side to other half-face respirators.

Overall, it’s hard to find many downsides with ElastoMaskPro. It offers a high level of protection (although not best-in-class), fantastic breathability, great comfort, and it fits me well. Whether you’re a medical worker or a general consumer looking for a high-quality respirator, the ElastoMaskPro is a device you should consider.

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