Lisa SchofieldLisa Schofield
19:40 27 Jul 22
Problems solved!!! Comfortable, easy to breath in, no more fogged glasses. This really is a mask... that I can wear for hours at a more
Adrian MattocksAdrian Mattocks
00:57 21 Jul 22
Super comfortable mask, easy to breathe in, and the design makes it simple to know if the mask is... on more
William VavrikWilliam Vavrik
12:44 20 Jul 22
Love this respirator. Comfortable fit. Great seal.
Mike HarrellMike Harrell
12:00 20 Jul 22
High quality N95 reusable mask, was shipped promptly and received in perfect condition. Fits great!
Tony ColaneriTony Colaneri
22:15 13 Jul 22
I believe the ElastoMaskPro is the best on the market, and I've tried probably all of the most... popular elastomeric respirators that have no exhalation valves. I'm preparing to publish a comparison of these. It provides the best seal of any I've used. It is easy to breathe through. It's NIOSH approved. It's a single piece of silicone, which is great. The headstraps are innovative and effective. The filters are effective and tightly pleated, so there's a good bit of surface area. It is soft, so you can still itch if needed... most elastomerics are solid so any itching must wait. The team that developed the respirator is very knowledgeable and responded quickly to all of my questions. I own the best disposable masks and valveless elastomerics, and this is the respirator I will be wearing when in high risk COVID scenarios. Great product, 10/10read more
Respirator Model Numbers
EMP 103-102 or EMP 104-102
Mask Size
Small or Medium/Large
Replaceable Filter Pucks Included
Integrated User Seal check
Enhanced Comfort
Enhanced Durability
Exhalation Valve
Facepiece Material
Facepiece Type
Half Mask
Harness Type
Fully integrated
Adhesive Free Construction
FilterPuck type
Specification Met
Required Number of Filter Pucks
Unit Contains
1x Facepiece
2x Filter Pucks
Facepiece Part Number
FP-0103 or FP-0104
FilterPuck Part Number

ElastoMaskPro Respirator


Bulk pricing is available. Contact our Sales Team at 1-850-818-0400.

Includes facepiece and two Filter Pucks
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– NIOSH approved as an air purifying N95 elastomeric respirator (Approval #TC-84A-9388)

– Features Forever Fit™ technology with integrated, durable straps

– Printed with a unique serial number and barcode for identification and disinfection tracking

– Extended vents allow for airflow and provide an easy user seal check

– Includes facepiece and two Filter Pucks™

The ElastoMaskPro combines the simplicity of a disposable N95 filtering facepiece respirator (FFR) with the durability and reusability of an elastomeric respirator. It is comfortable, durable, and is 3 to 5 times easier to breathe through than many elastomeric respirators, and 2 to 3 times easier to breathe through than many disposable N95 FFRs. The ElastoMaskPro is designed with no exhalation valve to maintain a hygienic field around the user. All air, inhaled and exhaled, is filtered. ElastoMaskPro’s built-in user seal check and durable straps, developed using Forever Fit™ technology, ensure a secure fit. Two sizes are offered (small and medium/large) to accommodate a wide range of users.

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