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ElastoMaskPro — Reusable N95 Respirator

ElastoMaskPro Feature Highlights
  1. Shields protect filters and can be easily wiped down.
  2. Extended vents allow for air flow and provide an easy user seal check.
  3. Each respirator is printed with a unique serial number and barcode to allow for identification and disinfection tracking.
  4. Each respirator can be cleaned with a simple wipe.
  5. Forever Fit technology features integrated straps, allowing for thousands of uses with no degradation in fit performance.
  6. Facepiece is available in two sizes and compatible with most users.
  7. Replaceable Filter Puck technology provides the most breathable respirator on the market.

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Reusable Respirators
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Kevin KnappmillerKevin Knappmiller
17:06 11 Oct 22
This respirator is the only N-95 level mask that I have used that fits well enough, and is easy... enough to breathe through, that it does not fog my glasses. One down side is that no one can understand you if you talk with it on, and it is not easy to remove for a second to talk. I don't plan to use this all of the time because it is too large to carry in a pocket, but for high risk activity where I don't need to speak, like attending movies, plays, concerts, or riding the bus, a train, or an airplane, this mask is the best option that I have found. It has the lowest resistance to breathing and the best more
blueflax homeblueflax home
21:35 10 Oct 22
I read how effective elastomeric respirators are, so I got this to have on hand for the NEXT... pandemic. It's very comfortable and has a streamlined profile that doesn't make me look like an extra in a bio-hazard catastrophe movie. I like that the mask is washable and reusable and the filters are long more
Yavetta ColeYavetta Cole
16:18 27 Sep 22
I was a little skeptical initially, but the mask is actually comfortable. It does not sit right up... against my nose or mouth so having that room keeps me from feeling claustrophobic. Although, people have said that I sound muffled when I talk while wearing it. A muffled voice is better than catching more
Ethan BrookeEthan Brooke
03:32 15 Aug 22
Fantastic respirator that excels in breathability. Though lacking a valve, ElastoMaskPro is... exceptionally comfortable even when donned for long periods of time. With N95-approval, I can rest assured knowing this device is filtering harmful particles. If you need a half-face respirator, I recommend this!read more
jason colejason cole
17:20 11 Aug 22
Very comfortable to wear. I was surprised. And it is easier to breath through than any mask I have... tried. Also it doesn’t fog up my glasses or interfere w a hat or bother my ears and hair which is an issue I have had in the past with other types pressing hard on my hair or ears.I would also add that the straps are much sturdier than I thought they would be. I can’t see damaging or hurting it very easily. It’s very pliable in the straps and face contact more
Lisa SchofieldLisa Schofield
19:40 27 Jul 22
Problems solved!!! Comfortable, easy to breath in, no more fogged glasses. This really is a mask... that I can wear for hours at a more
Adrian MattocksAdrian Mattocks
00:57 21 Jul 22
Super comfortable mask, easy to breathe in, and the design makes it simple to know if the mask is... on more
William VavrikWilliam Vavrik
12:44 20 Jul 22
Love this respirator. Comfortable fit. Great seal.
Mike HarrellMike Harrell
12:00 20 Jul 22
High quality N95 reusable mask, was shipped promptly and received in perfect condition. Fits great!
Tony ColaneriTony Colaneri
22:15 13 Jul 22
I believe the ElastoMaskPro is the best on the market, and I've tried probably all of the most... popular elastomeric respirators that have no exhalation valves. I'm preparing to publish a comparison of these. It provides the best seal of any I've used. It is easy to breathe through. It's NIOSH approved. It's a single piece of silicone, which is great. The headstraps are innovative and effective. The filters are effective and tightly pleated, so there's a good bit of surface area. It is soft, so you can still itch if needed... most elastomerics are solid so any itching must wait. The team that developed the respirator is very knowledgeable and responded quickly to all of my questions. I own the best disposable masks and valveless elastomerics, and this is the respirator I will be wearing when in high risk COVID scenarios. Great product, 10/10read more

ElastoMaskPro Featured Technologies

Filtered Exhalation

Exhalation valves allow unfiltered breath from the user to escape and expose those around them to pathogens and other contaminants, an issue highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Some manufacturers simply blocked exhalation valves on their existing products, increasing breathing difficulty and reducing comfort. ElastoMaskPro was intentionally designed without an exhalation valve from the beginning to ensure safety and allow users to perform tasks in a hygienic field. The key elements that let ElastoMaskPro work without an exhalation valve are its compact design and highly breathable Filter Puck technology. This makes ElastoMaskPro one of the most breathable and comfortable respirators on the market, while keeping others safe.

Filter Puck Technology

Breathability is the number one factor that drives user comfort for respirators. Our researchers used novel materials and manufacturing processes to develop lightweight, durable Filter Pucks. This breakthrough technology gives ElastoMaskPro 3 to 5 times better breathability than many elastomeric respirators and 2 to 3 times more than many disposable N95 respirators. Filter Pucks are constructed using an adhesive-free process that incorporates a large volume of long-lasting, highly durable mechanical filtration media.

ElastoMaskPro N95 Filter Pucks

Forever Fit Technology

ElastoMaskPro’s Forever Fit technology allows it to be used thousands of times with no compromise in fit. ElastoMaskPro is made of high-quality silicone that is injection molded in a single step. This process results in a durable design that also has shape memory. ElastoMaskPro can be contorted and stretched, but it will bounce back to its original shape. Simulated use testing shows ElastoMaskPro maintains fit even after 100,000 uses. The straps are remarkably durable and show no signs of wear after extensive testing. This contrasts with the straps on traditional N95 filtering facepiece respirators that can only maintain fit for several uses, compromising user safety. ElastoMaskPro Forever Fit technology results in a durable, long-lasting respirator that provides years of use for frontline workers.

ElastoMaskPro N95 Reusable Respirator

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