Advanced Simplicity

ElastoMaskPro — Reusable N95 Respirator

ElastoMaskPro Feature Highlights
  1. Shields protect filters and can be easily wiped down.
  2. Extended vents allow for air flow and provide an easy user seal check.
  3. Each respirator is printed with a unique serial number and barcode to allow for identification and disinfection tracking.
  4. Each respirator can be cleaned with a simple wipe.
  5. Forever Fit technology features integrated straps, allowing for thousands of uses with no degradation in fit performance.
  6. Facepiece is available in two sizes and compatible with most users.
  7. Replaceable Filter Puck technology provides the most breathable respirator on the market.

“The ElastoMaskPro combines the beneficial factors of a reusable, lightweight, half-facepiece elastomeric respirator with those of an N95 filtering facepiece respirator (FFR), including cost-effective, miniaturized extended duration filters that are easily changed out and that reduce infectious waste disposal, filtration efficacy, breathability compared with or better than N95 FFRs, exceptional fit test pass rates, comfortable snug fit of a soft, silicone facepiece without the nasal constricting effects of a nose bar, low-profile design for improved field of vision, and filter covers that enhance and facilitate OSHA seal check performance while providing filter protection from splash and spatter of body fluids.”

-Raymond Roberge, MD, MPH, NIOSH Research Medical Officer (2005-2018), NIOSH Director’s Distinguished Career Scientist 2015 award for research on respiratory protective equipment.

ElastoMaskPro Featured Technologies

Filtered Exhalation

Exhalation valves allow unfiltered breath from the user to escape and expose those around them to pathogens and other contaminants, an issue highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Some manufacturers simply blocked exhalation valves on their existing products, increasing breathing difficulty and reducing comfort. ElastoMaskPro was intentionally designed without an exhalation valve from the beginning to ensure safety and allow users to perform tasks in a hygienic field. The key elements that let ElastoMaskPro work without an exhalation valve are its compact design and highly breathable Filter Puck technology. This makes ElastoMaskPro one of the most breathable and comfortable respirators on the market, while keeping others safe.

Filter Puck Technology

Breathability is the number one factor that drives user comfort for respirators. Our researchers used novel materials and manufacturing processes to develop lightweight, durable Filter Pucks. This breakthrough technology gives ElastoMaskPro 3 to 5 times better breathability than many elastomeric respirators and 2 to 3 times more than many disposable N95 respirators. Filter Pucks are constructed using an adhesive-free process that incorporates a large volume of long-lasting, highly durable mechanical filtration media.

ElastoMaskPro N95 Filter Pucks

Forever Fit Technology

ElastoMaskPro’s Forever Fit technology allows it to be used thousands of times with no compromise in fit. ElastoMaskPro is made of high-quality silicone that is injection molded in a single step. This process results in a durable design that also has shape memory. ElastoMaskPro can be contorted and stretched, but it will bounce back to its original shape. Simulated use testing shows ElastoMaskPro maintains fit even after 100,000 uses. The straps are remarkably durable and show no signs of wear after extensive testing. This contrasts with the straps on traditional N95 filtering facepiece respirators that can only maintain fit for several uses, compromising user safety. ElastoMaskPro Forever Fit technology results in a durable, long-lasting respirator that provides years of use for frontline workers.

ElastoMaskPro N95 Reusable Respirator

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