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Single-use N95s are uncomfortable, not durable, and limited by supply chain issues. Traditional elastomeric respirators are bulky, heavy, hard to clean, difficult to breathe through, and have multiple components.

ElastoMaskPro solves these problems. Users will discover a sleek, easy-to-clean product that is comfortable and breathable.

Feature / Benefit


Traditional N95 FFR

Traditional Elastomeric Half-Mask Respirator


Minimum N95 protection

Filters user's breath - no exhalation valve

Simple, intuitive design

Smooth surfaces to easily clean and disinfect (including straps)

Easy user seal check without cross-contamination

Seals easily to the face for proper protection


Easy to breathe through

Compact design to minimize visual impairment

Designed for frontline workers

ElastoMaskPro N95 Reusable Respirator

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