Another Pandemic?
It's not if but when.

 Is your health care facility prepared?

Deadly viruses and their global outbreaks threaten public health and the economy. Supply chain shortages will quickly overwhelm the demand for disposable respirators and exhaust your supply. ElastoMaskPro provides a sustainable solution to keep your workers safe. 

“The development, implementation, and stockpiling of elastomeric respirators around the world should be an international public health priority.”


Reusable half-facepiece elastomeric respirators are the standard respiratory protection device in many industries. They provide an option for use in health care that has not been explored until recently. The durability and reusability of elastomeric respirators make them desirable for stockpiling for emergencies, where the need for large volumes of respirators can be anticipated. 

Physicians from the University of Washington, College of Wisconsin, and the University of Minnesota wrote in a 2021 article in the Journal of Anesthesiology, “It is vitally important to be prepared for the next respiratory pandemic, which could occur at any time.” 


ElastoMaskPro | The Reusable N95 Elastomeric Respirator | NIOSH approvedNIOSH-approved ElastoMaskPro is the first elastomeric respirator designed to address the specific needs of frontline workers, including health care personnel and first responders (police, paramedics, etc.). There is no exhalation valve. Instead, Filter Puck technology filters the air in and out, providing 3 to 5 times better breathability than many elastomeric respirators and 2 to 3 times more than many disposable N95 respirators. Simulated donning trials demonstrated that proper fit is still achieved after 100,000 simulated wear cycles.

The rate of major respiratory viral infections has dramatically increased over the last 20 years.

respiratory viral infections increase graphic | Elastomask Pro N95 Elastomeric Respirator
Two doctors with ElastoMaskPro

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