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Filtered Exhalation

ElastoMaskPro doesn't have an exhalation valve. This protects others around you. >>

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Filter Puck Technology

Novel materials and innovative design for easy breathing. >>

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Forever Fit Technology

Durability and comfort for thousands of uses. >>

ElastoMaskPro is perfect for these industry settings*.

*This device is only intended to provide N95-level protection against non-oil particulates and does not provide protection against oil particulates, gases, or vapors.

Wearing a mask to protect against things like pollen and ragweed is not a new concept. Before COVID-19, people with severe allergies used masks, but only occasionally and typically only on days with extremely high pollen counts. Pollen particles (a common cause of seasonal allergies) range from 10 to 100 micrometers in size, depending on the type of pollen. A standard surgical mask can block particles as small as 3 micrometers. Masks with N95 filtration, are even more effective, catching particles only 0.04 micrometers in size. This includes allergens like pollen and dust.

ElastoMaskPro is your defense and provides the help needed with seasonal allergies.

Source: UCLA Health

elastomaskpro with filters for allergies

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ElastoMaskPro combines the durability of an elastomeric mask with the simplicity of a disposable N95 filtering facepiece respirator. The comfortable design is one of the most breathable, durable respirators on the market and maintains a secure fit after thousands of uses. Exhalation passes through Filter Puck technology, keeping others in the area safe. Discover ElastoMaskPro >

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