Filter Puck
Filter Puck Part Number
Replaceable Filter Pucks Included
Facepiece Included
Adhesive Free Construction
Filter Puck type
Specification Met
Unit Contains
2x Filter Pucks
Compatible Facepieces(s)
FP-0103 (not included)
FP-0104 (not included)

Filter Puck


Bulk pricing is available. Contact our Sales Team at 1-850-818-0400.

One set includes two pucks


– Lightweight, highly durable mechanical filtration media

– 3 to 5 times easier to breathe through than many elastomeric respirators

– 2 to 3 times easier to breathe through than most disposable N95 respirators

– Adhesive-free construction

– 2 pucks per package

– Pucks fit all facepiece sizes

Breathability is the number one factor that drives user comfort for respirators. Our researchers used novel materials and manufacturing processes to develop lightweight, durable Filter Pucks. This breakthrough technology gives ElastoMaskPro 3 to 5 times better breathability than many elastomeric respirators and 2 to 3 times more than many disposable N95 respirators. Filter Pucks are constructed using an adhesive-free process that incorporates a large volume of long-lasting, highly durable mechanical filtration media.